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PSLE Cut Of Points from 'P6 2010 / S1 2011' to 'P6 2013 / S1 2014' for 'P6 2014 / S1 2015'

The one month of relaxation is over after the release of PSLE results yesterday. Congratulations for students who have successfully crossed this important milestone.

While those who were successful in the DSA can continue to relax, the large majority who didn't DSA will now face the headache of choosing the "right" secondary school.

I have compiled some information regarding the Cut-Off Points (COP) of schools, which I would like to share with our KiasuParents community.


2014 PSLE Results Release

Big day today.  Our children get to celebrate the fruits of their labour.  Come share with us what you know about the top or average T-Scores of individual schools.

To report a T-Score, please click here.

To view the list of reported T-Scores, please click here.


Heart Works Your Child Can Do to Make This Holiday More Meaningful

After the hard work of mugging for exams, the year-end holidays is a good time to think about teaching your child about doing heart-work.