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What’s next after the O Level results?

Those sleepless nights and nail-biting moments waiting for the 2015 ‘O’ Level results are now over. Or are they? We know most of you are worrying about pre-U next. 

Whether your child scored satisfactorily or did not perform up to your expectations, it is no use fretting over the Secondary 4 grades now. What’s more important is to consider with your child where he or she will want to study in 2016, which for many will mean either choosing the 2-year ‘A’ Level route in Junior College (JC) or a 3-year Diploma course in a polytechnic.  


2015 Posting for 2016 Secondary 1 - COPs for Schools

Come 22 December 2015, we'll know the secondary school posting results for our dc. Dunno about those cool parents out there, but this icy_mama waits with :nailbite: and :sweat: .

What do you want to know about each primary school?

4 Jan 2016…

The day when your DD or DS dons his or her primary school uniform for the first time will be here sooner than you think.

As a parent, you’re probably just as excited as, if not more than, your child who will be starting P1. Millions of questions could be running through your mind, e.g. what’s the school going to be like? How are the teachers there? What new facilities will be available? Etcetera, etcetera…

Did you know? There are actually parents’ networking groups for individual primary schools on our KiasuParents forum, where parents engage in lively discussions on topics from A-Z about each school.