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10 Resources For Making Sense Of The News With Your Kids

As part of preparations for the twice-yearly oral examinations, teachers and tutors often advise parents to make a habit of discussing newsworthy topics with their children.

Parents would do well to heed this advice, but it must also be said that the advantages of exposing children to what's happening around the world extend far beyond better grades for oral exams—many parents hope to raise children that are articulate and well-informed about world issues, so that they may one day take a stand on matters of import, based on their values, and develop ideas and solutions that will make a difference to society.

Some parents, like this former teacher and blogging mom (read her post here), set aside time for browsing news articles with their children on a regular basis. Others use age-appropriate movies and music as conversation starters, and some have even formed family WhatsApp or Facebook groups with their children, as these are convenient platforms for sharing links and ideas. But for many parents, finding the time, as well as the resources, to ignite a child's interest can be challenging. We hope the links below provide a starting point for a journey of discovery, and that parents will be inspired to learn more about the world alongside their children.


2016 P1 Registration Phase 2C

Phase 2C: (Updated 29 July 2016)

For all children who are eligible for Primary One in the following year and are not yet registered in a primary school.

Analysis: (29 July 2016)

Phase 2C has ended, with 79 schools having completely filled up their available vacancies for the cohort, 77 of which are oversubscribed by as little as 1 place, to as many as 164 places.  For some parents in these oversubscribed schools who may face balloting, Phase 2C will only come to an end next Wednesday.


PSLE 2021: KiasuParents Speak Out

By now, many parents in Singapore would have familiarised themselves with the changes to 2021’s Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE), which were announced by Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) on July 13. Public reactions have been mixed: A doomsday scenario of parents grooming “four-pointers” for 2021 has already emerged, while others either welcome the change, or prefer to watch and wait before passing judgment on the new assessment system. For those who need a refresher, here’s a recap of key points that have been dissected in the news, on blogs, as well as on our KiasuParents forum: