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Mums: Our Source of Wisdom in Child-rearing

Whether it's a philosophy in life, some knowledge or skill, very often what we teach our children are important lessons we personally learnt from our own mothers.

One survey done in the UK on 2,000 adults revealed that mothers pass on around 41 'pearls of wisdom' to their children. Moreover, among those surveyes, many also catch themselves sounding like their mums after they've grown up.

Three young mothers share with KiasuParents on what they have learnt from their own mums.


6 Apps and Sites for Exam Revision

Internet-based educational tools that make learning fun are aplenty, but when it’s crunch time, you'll need something that gets the job done, and fast. We've shortlisted six apps and web sites with features (or materials) that will help kids remember information, apply their knowledge, and seek last-minute assistance if necessary.


Your Last-Minute Guide To The Oral Exams: Primary 3-6

Exam season can sneak up on busy parents—if you've been procrastinating on helping your child prepare for his/her upcoming oral exams, we've got quick tips and links to help save the day.